Guiding the Autism Landscape

Corporate leadership and relationship development for business transformation or start-up

Achieving harmony in the workplace is much more complicated than everybody just ‘getting along.’ Strong leadership allows your workforce to flourish under a unified vision in which every individual is connected to the outcome. For autism companies with distributed workforces, this connection is especially important for long-term success.


Empowering Synergy combines unparalleled understanding of autism therapy with a successful track record in the industry itself, leveraging our experience and insight to help autism companies shape their vision of the future. Our ultimate mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and special abilities to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Working together, we can shape this ideal into a reality.


We do this by addressing four key areas:


Operational Design:

We offer operational consulting services aimed at assessing and improving your operations, efficiency and the customer experience.


Building High-Value Relationships:

Establishing and nurturing relationships between companies, stakeholders and customers as well as employees within the company itself to improve company and consumer outcomes, efficiency and service delivery.


Strategic Alignment:

Helping to bring your vision, mission and strategic alignment into sharper focus.


Organizational Transformation:

Declaring and living an intentional company culture is the key to success.

We work closely with you to establish the foundations necessary to ensure your business continuity, longevity and success. With the provision of quality autism therapies and services at the core, we will guide you through every step in reaching your goals: from visualization to assessment to service delivery, we help you shape your future through vision, culture and strategy.


We start by getting to know you and your organization better, sitting down with key team members to get a better idea of your present challenges and goals for the future. Each of our programs is designed specifically to serve the needs of your organization. Much more than a corporate makeover, you will be working directly with an individual who understands applied behavioral analysis, has built a national enterprise dedicated to autism services and can help to align your clinical goals with your business objectives.

corporate consulting

  • operational design

    Optimize your business processes, efficiency and outcomes


    Ensuring stakeholder support, employee engagement and customer loyalty


    Honing your vision to make the big picture possible


    Build a strong, effective and inclusive company culture to support your long-range vision