Guiding the Autism Landscape

What you can expect with operational design

Sound planning yields real results

  • Develop your clinical service offering

    Understand the needs of your community, customer and clients so that you can better serve them

  • Identify technology needs

    Implement software and technology solutions that support your operations

  • Optimize regulatory processes

    Establish processes that help you to navigate the regulatory landscape

  • Navigate funding landscapes

    Identify sources of funding and connect to valuable support that is available to you

  • Refine operational processes

    Designing your processes and procedures to optimize efficiency and workforce management

  • Corporate Culture Development

    Culture determines your employee engagement and customer satisfaction- it establishes business success

Our process:

Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your existing marketing, clinical, business and operational plans. This assessment is best conducted on-site with direct observation of current interventions.


We then meet with you to discuss your goals, and identify areas that need attention.


Our team will provide a report that describes our recommendations for next steps.


You may then choose to work with us in some or all of the areas in which we have identified a recommended action.


As you begin to implement new processes, we work closely with you to provide ongoing support during the transition. We can be as hands-on or as hand-off as needed; our goal is to help you achieve excellence, providing a high level of autism care while improving the lives of everybody involved, from your top executives, employees and administrators, to the caregivers, practitioners and the clients they serve.

Improving clinical outcomes for autism services

Our mandate is to improve clinical outcomes for those affected by autism spectrum disorder. To this end, we see every facet of our work to be an element in achieving this goal. In addressing your operational design and workforce management, we seek to take your initiative from the planning stage through to full operational deployment.


We will work closely with you to develop policies, processes and procedures to meet compliance standards, care objectives and customer and consumer needs while optimizing efficiency in all your processes.


Some of the areas we focus on include:


1. Intake and new client acquisitions
2. Staff recruitment
3. Staff training
4. Professional Development
5. Scheduling
6. Contracting with funding Sources
7. Billing and Collections
8. Clinical model