Organizational Transformation

Guiding the Autism Landscape

Organizational Transformation

Inspiring positive changes

  • Develop company leadership

    Leader’s go first! An intentional company culture starts with the company’s leadership

  • Align team members

    Align your staff around the core values that drive your company’s culture and the behavior of your employees

  • intentional company culture

    Learn how to gain shared perspective and provide a clear path toward the culture you want

  • Understanding Accountability

    Know what it means to be accountable to fellow employees, and how this works in an intentional culture

  • employee engagement

    We’ll help you by understanding how culture directly impacts employee engagement

  • Distributed Workforce

    Learn how your company culture connects and motivates your entire workforce



Through group workshops and retreats, Empowering Synergy works with you to support your organizational transformation through whatever changes or growth you may be experiencing.


We start with your executive management team and then expand to include additional workshops for your managers, supervisors or team leaders as needed. We will also provide individual sessions for any team members who require specific coaching.


Even a positive change, such as company expansion, can create a great deal of turmoil from within. Employees may feel undervalued or fear for their jobs, and management may feel left out of the process, causing dissent and disruption. This is especially worrisome in a clinical care environment, as the quality of services you provide and your service delivery may suffer as a result. Your growing pains should never cast shade on your clients.  If your transformation affects even one person in a negative way, the consequences can be far-reaching.


If your company is expanding with a new division, a new funding source or any new initiative and you have not yet engaged your executives, you owe it to yourself, your entire organization and your clients to plan and prepare for the changes.


Connect today to find out more about how Empowering Synergy’s organizational transformation can benefit you and your organization.