We understand the unique challenges of today’s autism and behavioral healthcare landscape

Founded by Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Empowering Synergy provides specialist healthcare and consulting services for high-level investors, companies and service providers that are dedicated to healthcare services with specific focus on the autism spectrum and behavioral healthcare. A licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D), Ronit cofounded Autism Spectrum Therapies in 2001 and led the company until 2014, during which time she took the company from a small start-up to a multi-state operation providing services to children on the autism spectrum and their families. Read more about Ronit.

Autism expertise, strong business acumen

Empowering Synergy offers a combination of a deep understanding of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and a storied track record of success growing and selling a business enterprise in the healthcare realm. We are autism and behavioral specialists with a focus on transforming corporate culture, and optimizing operational design, client outcomes and positive business results.


What we offer

The autism therapy industry is growing and evolving. The demand for services far outweighs the supply of high-quality service providers, and the complexities of this field are multi-layered and fraught with regulations. The bottom line is – those affected by autism need relevant services that provide significant outcomes. The opportunity to provide this service while scaling your business and navigating the challenges is possible. Recognizing the available opportunities and understanding how to succeed where others are failing is a key advantage of what we offer.


Empowering synergy provides the leadership and guidance you need to rise above the rest in this emerging healthcare landscape.

Autism Matters: Empowering investors, Providers and the Autism Community to Advance Autism Services

Dr. Ronit Molko is leading the movement to empower investors, organizations, service providers, and communities to transform the autism services industry. The rapid increase in the prevalence of autism provides great opportunities for investors to scale profitable businesses while also reshaping the future of an essential industry and positively impacting the lives of individuals, their families and their communities. Working together, we can help empower individuals with autism to develop sustainable, functional, and meaningful life-long skills leading them to fulfilled, self-determined lives.


Ronit Molko Autism Matters

Together with investors, autism services can impact not only individuals and their families, but entire communities. It is inexcusable that such a large and important segment of our population must accept the current declining quality in services and poor long-term outcomes as the status quo. Anything short of a community of adults living fulfilled lives to their fullest possible 

potential is a societal failure.

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empowering synergy autism and behavioral healthcare

Autism & Behavioral Healthcare

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an important and exciting means of corporate expansion. With continued growth in
healthcare and direct care industries…



Good leaders know when to stand up and take risks, and when to hold back and wait for optimal timing; when to make bold statements and when to listen. They’re also fundamental to ensuring business continuity.


Bold, brilliant ideas can drive business success and innovation. Yet every business, no matter how ingenious or in-demand, requires a sound operational design to yield positive results.

High Value Relationships

Business relationships have the potential to secure customer loyalty, ensure stakeholder support, and attract and retain top talent. But only if they’re handled properly….

Strategic Alignment

In business, having a compelling vision is critical. It attracts top talent and positions the company in the direction you want to go. But a vision is nothing if it isn’t shared and realized…

Organizational Transformation

All companies have a culture, whether implicit or explicit, intentional or not. It’s vital that yours supports your vision and mission, engages employees, ensures customer satisfaction and bolsters success…

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